Civil works

Mazangwa performs all aspects of civil works, which include road building, sewerage, stormwater, concrete works and earthworks.

We undertake road building work on industrial, commercial and residential projects with a high set standard performed on every project. The diversity of our projects includes a complete range, from highways, road improvements, parking lots to runway construction.

We are capable of providing water and sewerage services. As experts in the installation and design of water and sewerage systems, we will help ensure that water pipes are laid to the correct specifications and are able to manage the groundworks, installation and pressure testing. We also install sewerage pumping mains, rising mains, pump stations and treatment plants. We provide high-quality stormwater services to ensure a safe stormwater and drainage environment by providing stormwater infrastructure development and maintenance.

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  • Industrial Press pits
  • Structural floor slabs
  • Concrete parking lots
  • Equipment foundations
  • Stamping press pits
  • Isolation pads
  • Concrete Remediation
  • Sidewalks and stairs
  • Concrete tunnels
  • Hydro-form press pits
  • Precast concrete walls


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