Garden services / landscaping

With a splash of beauty and an alluring array of greenery, there are many favourable outcomes to having your own custom designed landscaped garden! 

We offer Landscaping and Garden services. We spend time with you to find out exactly what type of landscape suits you, your environment and your budget, we offer professional advice.

Mazangwa works with a philosophy that the quality of outdoor spaces directly influences our lives. Context and sustainability are key considerations of our processes and designs. We are passionate, driven, and unwilling to compromise on quality. We provide a diversity of garden services to commercial and private clients.



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Implementing process/Landscape construction.

  • Cleanup rubble and unwanted materials.
  • Earth works, soil levels and preparation.
  • Planting large plants.
  • Installing irrigation systems
  • Hard landscaping – flagstones, coble edging, pots exc.
  • Planting small plants and lawns


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