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Now that you are considering having paving done thanks for taking the time to discover what we will be able to do for you.

We do driveways, patios, pools, walkways, commercial and industrial paving to your exact requirements. With so many design options available we are able to give you exactly what you require. We also do repairs in the event of damage to your current paving.

At Mazangwa we only use paving bricks to provide durability, elegance and beauty to your home or business. We install a custom designed paving area as a drive way to your garage, around a swimming pool to create an outdoor living area and as walk ways in your garden to suit the landscape.

In Gauteng we are fortunate enough to enjoy a temperate climate conducive to outdoor living. Brick is a classic building material to transform your entertainment area or enhance your garden.


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  • Interlocking Brick Pavers
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